The Z-Files: Alpha to Omega - Arc 01 - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 - "A waste of... time" by Shoo

Shoo (drained and mumbling)(Tifa): Ohmigodohmigodohmigod...

Odd (Hojo): Ooooohhh~~~! Ooooh~ Blum blum... Heh heh~!

Gerudo(Barret): Shu'up! You sound like Beavis n' Butthead! Heh heh~ kewl~ heh heh~

Tashi(Sephy): *clears throat* ahem... Shall we get going now? We're taking longer then expected...

Aaron(Cait): For your information we've wasted twenty five minutes and sixty one seconds..

Rock(Cid): @#$#@$&#($#@) ($()#$)(#&!!! Do you not know your %@#%@#% time or somethin'??! That makes it... twenty six minutes and sixty one seconds!!!

Judicator(Dio): Uhh... more like... twenty six minutes and one second?

Aaron(Cait): We just wasted another thirty three seconds. Oh! Thirty five now~

Amanda(Yuffie): Soooooo..... let's get going~!!

Aka Tifa(Aeris): Yea? Like how?

Achilles(Nanaki): We're outta money... we used it up for our costume.

Tashi(Sephy): I guess we're going by foot then!

Shoo (horrified)(Tifa): NOOOOO!!!!! I'm NOT gonna let ANYONE see me like THIS!

Aka Tifa(Aeris): Yeah! And I ain't walking out with pink! I'll scare the heck outta everyone!

Gerudo(Barret):*mumble* As if you aren't scary enough already...

Aka Tifa(Aeris): Huh? Did someone say something?

Madcat(Vincent): Yea, Geru--*sees Gerudo glaring at him*...uhhhh... Rudolf the red nose reindeer... ahem, but there ain't any other way to get there... are there?


Arkman001(Rude): What's with cows now?

Tashi(Sephy): Can't we just get going already?!

Shoo(Tifa): I don't wanna walk! THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING! AHHH! I'm not gonna let ANYONE SEE THIS!


Amanda(Yuffie): Everyone's gonna laugh at me cause my fly's totally open!

Aaron(cait): Yeah, and me! A big fat white thing with a black cat that stole Burger King's crown. Embarressing...

Tashi(Sephy): Shutup and stop whining! Shoo, be like a guy!

Shoo(tifa): Um... AHA! I'm a girl now. *sings* I'm a big girl now~

Tashi(Sephy): -_-;...

Aka Tifa(Aeris): I'm not walking, I'm not walking, I'm not walking, I'm not walking

Aaron (immitating Shinji)(Cait): I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away...

Tashi(Sephy): *pulls out the masamune revealing it's shiny body* Don't we all just love walking?

Aaron(Cait): Yes yes, walking is healthy!

Amanda(Yuffie): Yes, and it's good for inspirations too! Artists like me always walk!

Aka Tifa(Aeris): Uh huh, we all love walking don't we?!??!

Judicator(Dio): We do? *Tashi swings the masamune* OH I LOVE IT!

Odd(Hojo): HEH! WALK? NYAAAAAHHHHH!!! That's for the poor! It doesn't suit a scientist like ME! HAHAHAHAH!

Tashi explodes while all holds on to her, trying to keep her back: I DUN WANNA BE CID BUT... @#$%#$#@&$)@(#&%)(#@*$@!$_@!*$*) $#*%)#@*%) @*#%**@#%) *@#%#@%# %@#)*%#@!! *huff puff*

Rock(Cid): HEY! That's MY LINE!

Rock and Tashi starts arguing, which later turns into a battle of Spears and Masamune's.

Liz(Elena): This is getting no where!

Tashi *turns around* (Sephy): HUH!?!? SO YOU'VE NOTICED! Can we get going now?

Achilles(Nanaki): Wait.

Tashi*turns again*(sephy): *growls* Now what?!

Achilles(Nanaki): How do I walk... I mean... crawl?

Oddfellow(Hojo): Yes, you crawl, my precious speciman... heh heh... Hojo is KEWL!

Gerudo(Barret): *punches Odd* I HATE BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD! DAMNIT!

Oddfellow(Hojo): Heh heh...

Madcat(Vincent): LET'S GO!

Everyone else nods and follows with Tashi mumbling something about saying that earlier.

Aaron(Cait) *clicks on a stop watch*: Exactly fifty minutes and twenty three seconds wasted.

End of Chapter 10

Notes: Oh man... this is bad... I suck. No more fanfics for me... kill me! ahhh... I can't write.

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