Stories, huh? I got stories that'll make your blood curdle.

This section is probably going to be redone to a more visually pleasing state some time soon, as right now it looks a bit black/white and cardboardish. Enjoy what is here, though. We've got the no-award-winning Z-files episodes on here. Read 'em and weep... literally. Also there's a story by me. Hold the applause.

 The Z-Files: Alpha to Omega

  • Arc 01 - And so they met... - The Z-team form for the first time and face many perils on their first mission, such as purple beasts, the dreaded CRAFT virus, and the pressures of Princess rescue.
  • Arc 02 - Down under the bed - Sent to retrieve a priceless Shakespearian script, The Z-team find more than dust stirring up trouble amongst the limbo-like atmosphere under Agent O's bed. Teeny-Tiny-Zappy-Boomers galore!
  • Arc 03 - Into space - Having been wrongfully accused of burger theft, Agent O is sent into the recesses of space to avoid capture. But The McDonalds gang, have other plans. Now the remaining Z-files members must clear his name and throw off the evil chain-restaurant's plans.

 Original Fictions

  • For Nothing is Worth the Price of Blood by Oddfellow - An upcoming hero, Natasha Smith, battles the power of a wronged race. But if destiny decrees the end of humanity, is she right to stop the slaughter?

 Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction

  • Shards by Frank Verderosa - Tifa has been horribly wounded at the hands of Sephiroth. Zangan takes her to the only safe place he can think of, Midgar. Staying with a friend of Zangan's, the teenage girl discovers first-hand just how different and dangerous the city can be. PG-13

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