The Z-Files: Alpha to Omega - Arc 01 - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 - "Battle VS the unknown person" by Gerudo Pimp

Aaron: Whew. I am glad that is over.

aka Tifa: What?

Oddfellow: The battle with Saint faucet.

aka Tifa: Oh yeah!!

Gerudo Pimp: hmmmmm... Judging by the fact that Scooby Doo didn't unmask the villain... none the less tie him up. We don't know who he is..

(Gerudo Pimp walks up and removes the mask)

Everyone it shocked to see he/she is wearing a paper bag over their head.

The Rock: C'mon no one an be THAT ugly.

Tashi: Well... I wouldn't bet on it.


Tashi: NO! I was thinking....


Achilles: What in the Love of Tifa was that?

Madcat: A Damsel in Distress

Oddfellow: That's my kinda thing ; )

Aaron: Super Smash Bros. has been proved to be one of the biggest smash hits in the history of N64. On top of that...

Arkman001: Umm... Aaron... No offense, but shut your trap. Your info is not needed now.

Judicator: Yeah we must find that damsel in distress.

Aaron: Oh yeah. Sorry about that.

Shoo: Off to the Highwind...

aka Tifa: We don't have a Highwind.


The Rock: Sorry, we don't have one of those either.

Achilles: Well what the hell do we have?

Madcat: 5 dollars in busfare.

Arkman001: Sounds good to me.

the Rest: Yeah let's go.

While riding on the bus...

aka Tifa: So where exactly are we going?


Tashi: Oddfellow stop playing with the stop request cord.

Oddfellow: Sorry.

Scooby Doo: Rats ro ray.

Gerudo Pimp: Ummm... Scooby, we don't need you anymore.

Scooby doo: Row Ray.

Aaron: WAIT!!


Arkman001: ODDFELLOW!!

Oddfellow: Sorry.



(Madcat turns around and rips Mojojojo's head off)

Achilles: That's what I call a neck snapper.

Tashi: Ummmm... EXCUSE ME? Someone just died.


Gerudo Pimp: ODDFELLOW!!!

Oddfellow: Sorry!!!!

Aaron: As I was saying while I was rudely interrupted 5 minutes ago, the villain was back there... all alone... and not tied up... AND the scream came from there too.

Judicator: From where?

Aaron: From where we were 10 minutes ago.

aka Tifa: Ok, request a stop.


Bus Driver: I'm sorry but you have made too many false stop requests so I refuse to stop.

Gerudo Pimp: I'll go make her stop.

(Gerudo Pimp walks up there and sees that Nabooru is driving the bus)

Gerudo Pimp: Don't worry. I'll handle this..

Madcat: GO to it then.

Gerudo Pimp: Hey Nabooru, how out I give you some of my Gerudo Love?

So a little of this happens between the 2...


Nabooru faints and Oddfellow takes the wheel.

aka Tifa: WHAT A PIMP!!

the rest: Yeah!!

Back at the place they were 10 minutes ago...

They find themselves in what looks to be a 300 yard hallway.

Oddfellow: I bet she is at the end of the Hallway.

Tashi: Who??

Arkman001: The one who let out the blood curdling scream.

Tashi: Oh yeah.

aka Tifa: Let's move out.

2 steps down the hallway they notice a door.

Aaron: I'll open it.


Gerudo Pimp: What!

Achillies: There is clay everywhere.

Madcat: There is clay everywhere.

Judicator: ummm..Madcat..Achillies just said that

Achilles, Judicator and Madcat all notice Aaron had opened the door and the "squad" walked in..they ran after..

All of a sudden the door slams shut and everyone is trapped.

Oddfellow: Where are we?

Aaron: Well more importantly WHAT IS THAT????

Tashi: Its a weird purple monster with an upsidedown triangle on its head wearing a shirt.

Purple Monster: HAHAHAHAHAH! I will eliminate you all one by one starting with you Gerudo Pimp!

Gerudo Pimp: How did you know my...


Gerudo Pimp falls to the floor.


Achilles: He will kill us all There is no hope!

Oddfellow: Hey where did the purple monster get that shirt with Cloud and Aeris cuddling?


Tashi: What was THAT??

Arkman001: look

aka Tifa had transformed into a huge Subteranean lava beast.

Aka Tifa(the beast): AERIS IS f---ING DEAD AND SHE IS A HOE I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Aka Tifa(the beast) flies down and bites the purple monster's head off!

Aaron: Yipppie.


Madcat: Now what!

The Team see's that it is like the monster from Batman the cartoon that is made out of clay and transforms into whatever it wants.

Oddfellow: Oh f---!!

End of Chapter 3

Notes: Wow that was actually fun.

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