The Z-Files: Alpha to Omega - Arc 01 - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 - "No title" by Gerudo Pimp

Everyone is currently armed with weapons as follows..

The Rock has a KF7 Soviet

Tashi has a sniper rifle

Madcat has a Klobb

Achilles has a Double Barrel Shot-gun

Aaron has a Desert Eagle

Amamda has an Uzi

Oddfellow was not trusted with a gun so he gets a fly-swatter

aka Tifa has an assult Rifle

Judicator has a a Silenced PP7

Arkman001 has an automatic Pistol

Gerudo Pimp has a DD44 Dotsovei....

Everyone opens fire on the Monster

Tashi: He is not moving

Aaron: Yeah..this sucks............

Oddfellow walks up to the monster and starts swatting it....

aka Tifa: hehehehehehehe

Achilles: What????

aka Tifa: Odd has TP on his shoe

Madcat: Toad Poop???

Gerudo Pimp: No asshole toilet paper

Rock: hey now pimpy no need for that..

Gerudo Pimp: But his shirt says im an asshole

Madcat: Oops...ummmmmm....Look the monster is going to attack oddfellow

Arkman001: WAIT!!! Madcat's shirt says Brass Hole

Aaron: That totally hip band

Madcat: Sure now lets save Odd

Gerudo Pimp: Oddfellow you got TP on your show

Odd: OH man!! how embarrasing

As Odd bends down to get th TP..the monster swings and hits everyone with a sticky translucent goo..that holds them down..but Gerudo Pimp dodged it..

aka Tifa: AIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!! Gross...get it OFF OF me!!!

bebebbulopodu hehehehehe

The Rock: What the f--- was that?


Out of nowhere... Shoo arrives with a secret weapon:Tinky Winky... and the monster was in love, but...


Tashi: El pimpo NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Gerudo Pimp pulls out his DD44 Dotsovei and shoots Tinky Winky in the Head 5 times. The monster was pissed.

Gerudo Pimp: Oh shit!!

The monster ate Gerudo Pimp...


Aaron: Damn the fool.

Everyone but Shoo is covered in the Goo.

Shoo: Oh f--- me!!

Oddfellow: No f--- ME. I got a mosquito bite.

Achilles: No thanx you two. I'll pass.

Oddfellow: IT ITCHES I CAN'T GET IT...

Shoo: I'll get it

BUT THE monster got him with the goo

Madcat: Poor Pimp

Amanda: yeah..we're all gonna die

All of a sudden the monster screams...

Tashi: Gunshots??

Oddfellow: THE ITCH!!!

Gerudo Pimp was firing Gunshots from inside the Purple monsters belly. All of the bullets split the Goo from everyone..except oddfellow..he was in stray bullet that passed through everyone's goo hit oddfellows mosquito Bite..

Oddfellow: THE itch is gone..

Aaron: Weird

Judicator: Well..the Pimp is crawling out a hole in the purple monster..

aka Tifa: what will we do with him

Gerudo Pimp is breating quite hard and looks pissed

Gerudo Pimp: Crucify the mother f---er

Oddfellow: And make him into a mosquito bite Itch reliefer


What will happen next now that the purple monster was terminated?

WHo KnOwZ!

End of Chapter 8

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