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I have no excuses for why there hasn't been any links for the past month and a half, but now I've realised that it's actually a lot less work than I imagined. Weird. For now, there's only a few links, and I'm putting two of this site's link pictures on here, so that if any of you feel like linking to this site, you're quite welcome to copy the pictures and use them to link here. You don't have to ask my permission, I don't feel it's really necessary, but if you'd like to tell me you're linking to me, that'd be great. Oh, and you don't have to use the pictures, either, they're just there for novelty.


Literature/Art Sites
The Official Z-Files Site
This is where we archive all the Z-files episodes, along with Character Bios, Rants, Games and other novel strangeties. Nicely packed with insanity for your viewing pleasure!
Oh no! Not Another FFVII Page!
Frank Verderossa is an incrdible writer with a seemingly endless supply of wonderful tales. This is his Final Fantasy VII fanfic page, and it's definately worth a look!
The Mandaria Chronicles
Frank's other site, featuring a truly masterful story based around magic and battle, with some lovely wee bits of romance and sweetness throw in. A great read.
Rocket Town: The ShinRa 26
The Captains site boasts the most impressive hoard of Final Fantasy based fiction I know of. What more do you need to know?

Mac Hall
Join Ian and the Crew for some odd looks at Colleg life and all the strange goings-on that tend to happen to weird people in Mac Hall's world.
Without a doubt, the most compelling, enchanting and beautifully done webcomic ever! Piro and Largo are stuck in Japan, having to deal with some ultra-kawaii females, would-be Zombies and Rent-a-Zilla!
Penny Arcade
A gaming-based comic about two nut-cases called Gabe and Tycho, who take rather interesting views of a normal lifestyle.
PVP Magazine
The daily comic with everything! Romance, gaming, movies, evil corporations and the occasional ass-kicking in Quake. Step inside the real world of a Gaming Magazine.
Shaw Island
Talking hamsters, relationships, old guys with axes, and the Son of a Gaming-Deity. What more could you ask for in a webcomic?!

Other Sites
Silence - Vincent Valentine Webring Message Board
Gather here if you love FF7's Vincent Valentine! Or even if you just love FF7. Some great, if not weird, conversations go on here, so start your keys clacking.
My twisted, bizarre oldest brother's site. In the making at he moment, but looking to be promising. It's a site basically about faeries and orcs. Or complete crap... I can't remember which.
Kevin's luverly site that panders to the stranger people in life. Some pointless pictures, jokes and rants inhabit this whimsical world.

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