Means of contacting Oddfellow.

First off, I'd like to point something out. I'm not someone who takes kindly to spam, flaming or niusance forms of contact. If you flame me, I'll flame you back, only more so. Secondly, if you're an attractive female around my age looking to claim me as your own... cool, go ahead. ;) If you're neither, and just wanting a chat, I always welcome new faces to my circle of friends, so mail away!


E-mail is something I like to check with a vengeance. I adore getting e-mails and I adore writing them back, so help me feed my obsession and send me lots of lovely nothings to peruse and answer. I've left out any e-mail addresses that i don't use or have bad servers and such, so here are the only two I use and trust.

  • - I use this one all the time, it's my main address. Send stuff here.
  • - I only check this one about once a week, but the size of the storage is bigger, so send large e-mails, (100k+) to this one.
 Instant Messaging

I like a bit of chat now and then, so I can't do without my IM programmes. I'm usually on at scattered times from 10:00am - 3:00am New Zealand time, that's GMT+12:00. If you're looking for a weird conversation, a philosophical debate or knowledge on anything, give me a message, I'll see what I can do.

  • ICQ - 40020067 - Though I find AIM better, I'm usually on ICQ because most of my friends are.
  • AOL Instant Messenger - "Goddfellow" - My preferred IM programme, I'm usually on, but I can go for weeks without it installed. Try ICQ.
 Message Boards / Forums

Message Boards have become a regular hangout for me in recent years, because of the people I have met and the atmosphere those people create. Visitors are always welcomed on my board, and discussions are always interesting and involving, so take some time to meet the people and create a thread or two.

  • Oddfellow's FFVII & Z-Files Discussion Board - The place for discussion. Z-Files are posted here first, and FF7 is an enshrined game in our eyes. Talk about anything, though. Noone will object, unless it's particularly crude.
Mail, IM, whatever. I'm a fairly sociable person. Well, at least on the computer. I'll talk, I'm joke, whatever. So keep in contact with me. I enjoy seeing people. ;)

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