The Z-Files: Alpha to Omega - Arc 01 - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 - "No title" by Gerudo Pimp

Everyone is putting on their costumes. Tashi is assigning them.

Tashi: Ok, ME: sephiroth. aka Tifa: Aeris

aka Tifa: WHAT????????

aka Tifa starts to transform into the subteranean lava beast while Tashi is still assigning parts.

Tashi: Ok. Gerudo, you be Barret. Rock: Cid. Amanda: Yuffie. Achilles... Red 13. Madcat: Vincent. Shoo: Tifa. Judiciator: Dio. Liz: Elana. Arkman001: Rude. Mebo: Reno. Oddfellow: Hojo.

Oddfellow: HOJO HOJO!!

Mebo: Microsoft sucks!

Achilles: WAIT LOOK!

Aaron: My character was not assigned.

Gerudo Pimp: aka Tifa ate Saint Faucet.

Oddfellow: Hojo HOJO!!

Scooby doo: Rea!

Tashi: Goddammit Scooby..Get you doggie ass outta here. We don't need you! Why do you keep following us?

Scooby: Rhat!! (bites Tashi)


Tashi turns into a parasitic armored arachnid.

Rock: HOLY f---ING SHIT!!!!

Oddfellow: Hojo HOJO!

Naturally, Scooby runs off like a little wuss.

aka Tifa and Tashi transform back into normal people.

aka Tifa: Well at least my hair don't look like skanks anymore.

Gerudo Pimp: Yeah, it is purple.

Rock: Dammit Pimp. Don't insult tifa or I may have to lay the smack down upon your candy ass!

Achilles: NO rock, he is right...

Madcat: Her hair is purple.

Aaron: DAMN. Look at her.

aka Tifa looks like that purple monster that she had just eaten.

Oddfellow: HOJO HOJO!

End of Chapter 5

Notes: Not as good as the last but SOMEONE please make it good. Thanx Aaron for getting me hooked on Scooby Doo!

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