The Z-Files: Alpha to Omega - Arc 01 - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 - "The mystery of Rubacava" by Judicator

Odd still hasn't recovered from CRAFT

Aaron: Hopless. We HAVE to cure him!

Judicator: THere is only one cure for CRAFT:

In the Land of the Dead, you must cross the Sea of Lament, to the Edge of the World, where you'll find the Legendary Glowing Coral. A few minutes of exposure is sure to cure CRAFT instantly!

Tashi: But how are we going to get to the Land of the Dead?

Judicator: Simple. My friends will take me there!

Tashi: Friends?

Suddenly, tires screeched outside. Everyone ran outside to see the Bone Wagon, with Manny Calavera and Glottis drivning and navigating, and Gerudo Pimp and The Rock in the back seat.

Manny: Buenos dias! I'm Manny Calavera!

Glottis: My name's Glottis.

Judicator: Manuel! Compadre! How's it been?

Manny: Long itme, no see, Judicator, or should say, Agent J!

All: What?! Bingo recruited you two as well?

Manny: Of course. I'm Agent C and Glottis is Agent G. Gerudo PImp is Agent S and the Rock is agent R.

Tashi: Nice to meet you, Manny!

Manny: Nice to meet you, too. Me and Glottis are from the game "Grim Fandango"

Tashi:So THAT's the game Judicator keeps taking about! Hey, That's a nice Vehicle. How's it run?

Glottis: Hop in! We'll bring you to the Land of the Dead in no time!

Manny: I'll read you Bingo's briefing while we're riding. Let's go.

Everyone hopped in the Bone Wagon, and it blasted off towards the Land of the Dead at incredible speed (something like Mach 1)

Manny: Bingo wants us to shoot Hector LeMans, crime boss of the LotD.

Fantasylord: What need is there to shoot someone who is already dead?

Achilles: Right! It makes no sense whatsoever.

Manny: (Oh, Brother) You see, some nut called Bowsley developed a way to get rid of a dead guy by having plants grow all over him. This is called "Sprouting" and it has a permanent effect. To sprout someone, you use a Sprouting Gun, a gun which shoots darts filled with "Sproutella," a dust-like substance which reacts with bone to make plants grow all over. Luckily, the living are unaffected, so you guys are perfect for th job.

Aka Tifa: So is there anything good about such a dangerous place?

Judicator: Well, there is Rubacava...

Female Player: Rubacava?

Judicator: A quiet little port town, the nightlife capital of the Land of the Dead, with nightclubs and casinos as far as the eye can see! The perfect place! I could stay there forever... betting on the cat races at Max's place and playing roullete at your joint, Manny...

Manny: Now, don't get carried away too much this time, Judicator.

The Rock: Carried away?

Gerudo Pimp: How?

Manny: He's like Glottis. Rubacava has cast a spell on him. Once he sets foot in a gambling joint, you'll NEVER get him out!

Everyone was petrified. Soon, Glottis parked the Bone Wagon in front of Cafe Calavera, one of Rubacava's 3 nightclubs. Glottis and Judicator were the first to step out. Glottis ran towards the High Roller Lounge, and Judicator ran to Cafe Calavera. Everyone followed him.

Aaron: Whoa! Cool place, Manuel!

Fantasylord: This is incredible!

Tashi: So this is Rubacava...

Aka Tifa: You cant blame the guy for loving this place...

Manny: He's probably in the Casino. Let's go before it's too late!

But it was too late. Judicator was relentlessly betting in the Roullette tables and sipping liqour.

Manny: Judictaor, you promised you wouldn't get carried away!

Judicator: But I'm betting half the money I did last time, and I'm not drinking as much!

Female Player: Half as much=! He really has a problem!!

The Rock: Tell me about it! He's betting 1000 bucks for each spin, and he's guzzling a glass of wine each!

Achilles: Damn! He's the only one who knows about glowing coral! without him, we'll never cure Odd!

Fantasylord: We have to distract him form the tables and draw him away!

Tashi: Only One thing can distract Judicator! That is... TIFA!!!!

Aaron: OK.. here's the deal- Female Player, search for some buying supplies and draw a picture of Tifa. We'll slowly lure him away from the tables and to the docks.

Manny: But be quick, because our boat leaves at dawn.

Achiles: It's already 10:00 we have planty of time.

Gerudo PImp: But we must hurry! Let's go!

So, the fearless FBI agents now have two tasks that stand in their way of their objective- 1) Cure Oddfellow's CRAFT syndrome, and 2) Get Judicator to stop gambling and lead them on a boat to the Edge of the World. This will not be accomplished easily...

End of Chapter 2

Notes: ęGrim Fandango, Manny, Glottis, Hector LeMans, Rubacava copyright LucasArts. No infrigement of this copyright is intended. Or any other copyrighted works included in the series, for that matter! - Oddfellow

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