Journal Entries Archive

From time to time even the most psychologically stable person needs to vent his aggression, his worries or his recent happenings. I am no different, of course, so here is a gallery of Journal Entries that have been shown on the index page in past. Some of the time I was worried, angry, amused or just plain bored. Bored is the usual one, as it's the reason I started making this website in the first place. Boredom. Enjoy the rants!

 Journal Entries

25th February, 2002 - Oddfellow has left the building!
13th February, 2002 - The Reason Men shouldn't be in the Kichen
12th February, 2002 - Seeing the Shrink
19th January, 2002 - Kawaii like me
26th December, 2001 - Christmas Day, 2001
24th December, 2001 - Merry Christmas To All!!!
17th December, 2001 - Fun Motorbiking with Kevin Sandom
17th October, 2001 - The Web! Marvellous tool!
11th October, 2001 - More things that annoy me
8th October, 2001 - Save us from our pooches!
3rd October, 2001 - Careering out of control

Okay, so there's not a lot here yet, sue me! It takes time to even write one of these ramples, let alone make them into journal entries and post them on the site. There's many a thought in this head of mine, but only a couple dozen a month that even can be classed as genuine ideas or brainwaves. The rest is pretty much pure crap.

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