Journal - 11/10/01

 More things that annoy me - 11/10/01

As I'm sure you're all aware, I'm justly human, and being so I am entitled to my opinion. Of course, this is a bad thing, as anyone who lets me express my opinion quickly regrets it having done so. This is one of those prime examples of how Freedom of Speech is taken a just a little far. What am I talking about? I'm talking about me spouting off a list of things that annoy me! Here we go;

Babies that cry... anywhere. Sure, babies are some of the supposedly "cutest" things a world can create, but to me, when they're not mine or one I'm looking after, they're noisy little slobber-balls that should be kept away from me. When they cry, Oh, that's the worst! You're in a cinema watching, quite possibly, the coolest movie you'll ever hope to see. The dialogue is dynamite, the cinematography is spectaular, everything about it is immersive and believeable. Finally, when it gets to the big scene where everything is explained in one shock sentence... a baby cries, loudly. So loudly, in fact, that you didn't hear what was said. Unfortunately, noone else heard it either, because that damned baby snapped them out of the "viewers' trance" they were in. Suprise, suprise, the baby is still crying, louder in fact. Please hand me my elephant gun. This one's wrecked one too many movies.

Skips and errors in MP3s. I love music, I really do. I have many, many MP3s and MODs alike, which I have collected on my computer for no other purpose than to entertain me while I'm reading, editing websites and eating various ill-health lollies. I like to get into the feeling of a piece of music, and so most of the MP3s I have have been ripped on my HDD by me from my own CDs at quite a high quality setting. This I don't have a problem with. When I snatch songs from other people, a few of them have mistakes and skips in them, which interrupt the flow of the music and get my timing all wrong. No biggie, this one, it just annoys me slightly.

The way that women answer to an idea. They always leave the guy thinking "Is she serious, or is she just being snarky and doesn't really like the idea?". example. "Hey, I thought we could go to a movie tonight. How about it?", "Oh.. if you want to." This doesn't really leave the guy with much of an answer. The woman answered the question as though she was doing it for HIS sake and he was just being selfish. This really makes us guys think about many things on the spot. Is she mad at me? What the hell am I supposed to say now? What that a Yes or a No? I'd ask but I don't want to look stupid. It's a very vexxing and impossible to answer kind of thing. Why women do it? I don't know for sure, but I think it's their way of keeping a guy under their thumb, at least long enough to let him know who's boss. Oh, yeah, that's another thing I hate, pushy women.

Guys who nearly run you off the road because they want to get one car ahead of you in tightly-packed traffic. It's usually guys who do this, but I've encountered a few crazy women drivers, too. It's like these guys believe firmly that by being one car ahead of where they were before, their life is going to change dramatically. If they keep this up, their lives will change dramatically, like having to suffer a 25-year sentence for dangerous driving resulting in fatalities. If I wasn't such a nice bloke I'd probably wish this upon these guys.

DVDs that are badly scratched. This one's pretty much self-explanitory. I recall renting 'Happy Gilmore' one night, getting 10 minutes through it and it started jerking up and freezing and making my DVD-drive do loop-de-loops in my PC. I took it out and saw it was scratched beyond all recognition. I wondered how it played in my drive in the first place. Thank you, BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO, RICCARTON!!! Starts writing nasty letter to the editor.

Pornography ads in my e-mail. AARRRGH!! How many times can you tell a company that, No, you really would prefer not to know what Jewel has in store for me, and that it will only cost me $2.95 for a three day trial period. I don't want any trial periods, I don't want you in my e-mail, and I certainly don't ever want to have to delete a horde of incoming e-mails that express the author's notions of wanting to have crude sex with my feet or something like that. Please, stop sending me e-mails. I guess I get them all from going into warez sites and stuff, but I'll be damned if I know how to get them to stop!

Well, there you have it. Another successful lot of things that annoy me. Typing annoys me, so I'm going to stop now.

 Quotable Quote:
"It would take many brains working many years to figure out life's meaning, but it would take much longer to figure out what colour pen this is."

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