Journal - 03/10/01

 Careering out of control - 03/10/01

Having finished my Multimedia course, difficult decisions loom over my head right now. What the hell am I going to do with myself now? I'm broke, unemployed and clueless. So, I've arranged to be put on the dole. Yes, if work does not become available in the next few days, I shall be a dole-bludger. I'm not proud of this fact, but then again, I'm not proud enough to try going it alone and risking all. The Unemployment benefit is just for cushioning until work can come in. For now it's money in the bank. What do I plan to do? Well, there is one job in particular that I'm hoping to snatch, but they aren't looking at recruiting until later this week, and even then it's not a sure thing if I'll be called in for an interview. So my backup plan for now if the job doesn't sail into port, is to stay on the benefit for a while and do some of the work I've missed doing, like Auditions for plays and musicals, TV, whatever. I miss acting and I really want to get back into it. Something will come along, I'm sure. The Big Guy upstairs will hand me something on a silver platter for me to get my teeth into, I'm sure. Here's hoping. On the humurous side, I've made a small list of ideal jobs for myself;

  • Casual Website Updater - Young, relatively inexperienced male needed to update his site once or twice a week. Can work from home, in fact that's preferred. $15/hour gross.
  • Polititian Required - Young person wanted for running congress. Must be tight-fisted and greedy, and willing to make unusually large subsidies to own back account for personal gain. Ensuring smooth running of Country not necessary. $32/hour + subsidies and rip-offs.
  • McDonalds Quality Tester - Hungry males needed for excess consumption of McDonalds food, specifically Filet O' Fishes. Must enjoy eating and being paid well for it. Applicants must be able to eat at least 5 burgers in one sitting. $20/hour + Free food.
  • Questionaire Writer Urgently Needed - Someone required to create personal questionaires and circulate them around friends and family. Must be able to write extremely personal questions without sounding offensive or suspicious. $14/hour gross.
Yeah, right. We can all dream about jobs like those. Personally, though, I think the ideal job for me, and for everyone else, I'd say, is to be paid an exceedingly high amount of wage to do whatever the hell I feel like. That way I'd get highly paid to sleep in, go our with friends, throw stones at road signs, play on the little kids' playground, etc. Everything I ever wanted to do wish to do, be paid for it, and have no obligation to call in sick, because it's not really going to make any difference. Perhaps one day I'll get to do that. You never know, I may!... There would probably be a whole heap of webcams involved, though, because nothing good comes free.

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