The Z-Files: Alpha to Omega - Arc 02 - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 - "Losing track" by One-winged Angel

The giant Mortimer Mouse runs over to Oddfellow hesitantly.

"Eeeek!" Oddfellow jumps back behind Tashi.

"Oh Odd, don't be scared. I have an idea."

Rika: "And what would that be?"

Mortimer starts to drool on Odd's foot.

Tashi: "Aaron! You have the priviledge of running into your bosses' office and getting his private copy of Dumbo!"

ArkMan: "What the heck is that?"

Tashi: "You know, the Disney elephant with the big ears that learns to fly?"

Aaron: "Ummmm.....okay." *Turns to Judicator making the crazy symbol and points at Tashi*

Madcat: "Wait, that thing is just a dumb animal like that One-Winged Angel person that comes to Odd's board. It sits there and drools on people."

*Odd stands there in a pool of drool scared out of his mind*

Gerudo Pimp: "Heheheheheh.....lets kick her off of the board."

*Aaron walks back in with spiky red haired person*

Rika: "Oh my God, it's Reno!"

OWA: "I am not Reno. I am One-Winged Angel."

*Rika and Madcat sigh in relief knowing that she did not here the comments above*

"And yes, I heard your comments above, but I know you are just joking. After all, I am the one writing this."

Aaron: "Okay Tashi, what do I do with this Dumbo video?"

Tashi: "Pop it into the VCR."

Aaron puts in in VCR and turns it on.

Mortimer: "Eeeeek!" Shrinks to regular mouse size and gets caught in mouse trap.

Madcat: "Cool. Now we can continue on."

End of Chapter 4

Note: Well, that's the new chapter. I did this with absolutely no idea where I was going and just went ahead and decided to write the first and final draft here. Hope I did well.....

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