The Z-Files: Alpha to Omega - Arc 02 - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 - "Title still pending" by Achilles

(The Scene - Oddfellow's room. The Company - Oddfellow, Tashi, Aaron, Judicator, Gerudo Pimp, Rika, Madcat, Arkman001)

Tashi: Man! How much longer do we have to wait?

Aaron: Not sure. Bingo's message said that we are to wait for the two new agents to arrive before we go under the bed.

Oddfellow: That's fine by me, the longer we put off going down there the better.

Gerudo Pimp: Yeah, you should really clean out from under your bed more often. I took a peak down there and something almost took my head off!

Oddfellow: I was meaning to clean it up sooner but.....

Tashi: But what?

Oddfellow: But there was something good on t.v so I decided to watch that instead.

Aaron: Why didn't you just clean it up after the show?

Oddfellow: I forgot, so sue me!

Tashi: By the looks of it I think that setting fire to it would be a better solution.

Oddfellow: Tried that. How do you think I cleared a path to get that math paper. I think the path should still be around, so we can enter through there.

Gerudo Pimp: Uhhh..Guys?

All: What?

Gerudo Pimp: Where did Shoo go?

Aaron: I...don't know. He was just here awhile ago. Where did he go!?

(Achilles and Madcat exchange nervous glances)

Tashi: What did you guys do?!

Madcat: Uhhhh..Well...

Achilles: Well we where suppose to do a survey of the area under Agent O's bed before anyone goes down there. We where going to send the probe down under but it didn't turn on for some reason. Apparently someone spilled some Jell-O on it.

Tashi: Oops.

Aaron: What does this have to do with Shoo?

Achilles: Well..we had to send something down so we played Rock, Paper, Scissors. And..

Madcat: He lost..

Achilles: So we..

Madcat: Sent him down to gather data.

Achilles: Problem is..

Madcat: He hasn't returned yet.

Achilles: Will you..

Madcat: Stop that?

Achilles: *smacks Madcat*

Tashi: Bingo's going to yell at you for this.

Achilles: Actually I think Bingo is going to be more concerned with the hole blasted in the side of the Z-Files headquarters.

Tashi: How did you find out about that!?

Achilles: It's on the news right now. *clicks on Odd's t.v*

(Everyone observes fire crews still trying to put out the fire, with a furious Bingo in the background)

Achilles: Who did that anyway!?

Oddfellow: *clicks off t.v* Let's not place any blame here, just worry about the mission ahead.

Tashi: Back to my original question: where are those two?!

(Rika and Arkman001 walk in Odd's bedroom.)

Rika: There you guys are!

Gerudo Pimp: Where were you two?

Arkman001: We where waiting in the living room for about an hour now. We never thought that you would be here in the bedroom.

Rika: But guys! We saw the strangest thing on the news! Apparently back at HQ someone...

Oddfellow: Let's not worry about that right now. I think we should go under the bed now.

Achilles: After you.

Oddfellow: No after you.

Achilles: I insist, after you.

(Tashi pushes them both in at the same time)

Oddfellow and Achilles: Ahhhh!

Tashi: Well now that's over with, let's go under.

Aaron: Agreed. After you.

Tashi: No, after you.

(Scene - ????)

Oddfellow: Ouch! That hurt!

Achilles: Who did that?

(Tashi and Aaron come flying in and hit the ground followed by Rika, Arkman001, Gerudo Pimp, and Madcat)

Tashi: (stands up) Wow, it's awfully roomy in here.

Achilles: How come I can't see a ceiling or a horizon?

Aaron: It's like we're in Limbo or something.

Oddfellow: I guess that's the result of never cleaning your room.

Achilles: Oh boy..

Oddfellow: What?

Achilles: That means that my bed should be in the same condition.

Oddfellow: Heh heh, welcome to the club.

(A three headed dog walks by, picks up a floating cube and runs off)

Rika :...Um, Interesting pets you have here Odd.

Oddfellow: They're not mine. I'm not responsible for what goes on down here.

(Achilles suddenly looks around in a nervous state)

Achilles: Guys!? Where is the entrance?

(Everyone realizes that they are no where near the place they entered)

Oddfellow: Oh yeah, there's something I forgot to tell you.

All: What!

Oddfellow: Even if you stay still down here you're still moving. That's alternate dimensions for you.

Achilles: Can I get a weapon to protect myself down here? I don't trust this place.

Tashi: Yeah, here is a Teeny-tiny-Zappy-boomer that we confiscated from a CERTAIN member of the group.

Oddfellow: Here is some advice: Leave the safety on at all times! Do not pull the trigger!

Achilles: Um, o.k. (Pockets the small gun)

(Then out of no where a huge shadow looms over the z-files team. Everyone quickly turns around)

All: Oh crap..

End of Chapter 2

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