The Z-Files: Alpha to Omega - Arc 02 - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 - "Utter chaos ensues" by Arkman 001

Everyone: Ahh, crap.

The giant object, silhouetted by the eerie light above, floats downward towards the Z-crew. The cloak of shadow drops from the spherical object revealing it to be...

Achilles: Jenova!!


Tashi: Hey wait a sec. Aren't you dead?

Jenova gives Tashi a skeptical look.

Oddfellow: Yeah, and you're a Final Fantasy character anyway. What are you doing under my bed?

Aaron: If she's a dead FF7 character what's she doing in the Z-files?

Everyone looks over to ArkMan. He gives a sheepish grin.

Arkman: So I was strapped for ideas, gimme a break.

The crew continues to stare down Arkman.

Arkman: Okay, I'll get rid of her.

Jenova suddenly vanishes, leaving a large plothole behind, out of which emerges a large floating humanoid head.

Large Floating Humanoid Head's booming voice: Who has summoned me from my dark plane of existence?

Achilles:Uhh, I guess that's us.

Madcat: That head looks kinda' familiar.

Judicator: Yeah, I saw it in one of my history books.

Recognition finally dawns on Madcat.

Madcat: No. It can't be.

Judicator: What is it?

Madcat: That head belongs to the most evil man that ever lived.

Aaron: That doesn't look like Bill Gates.

Madcat: Not Bill Gates. Worse. It's...WALT DISNEY!!!

Everyone lets out a standard blood curdling scream.

Tashi: Wait a minute, what's so bad about Walt Disney?

Arkman: Have you ever been to Disney World? *shivers violently* Money grubbing bastards.

Walt Disney Head: That's right. I am the great and mighty Walt Disney, banished from the mortal realm so long ago. Now I seek a method to regain my control over the Earth.

Arkman: Sounds like the plot to some cheesey fighting game.

Walt Disney Head: Shutup, you're the one righting this thing.

Arkman: That's, writing.

Walt Disney Head: Whatever. Now in standard villan fashion, I shall explain my fiendish plot to rule the world. *Walt holds up a manuscript that seems to be extremely faded and worn* Using this, the lost plays of Shakespeare I shall create yet another nauseatingly cute movie to enthrall the children of America. Their parents shall be forced to shell out large sums of money for merchandise and I, in turn, shall use that money to fund a group of elite operatives to overthrow the government.

Z-crew: zzzzzzzz.......

Walt Disney Head: Wake up you rude people!!

The crew jump to their feet in surprise.

Oddfellow: Oh, sorry about that, but this story is really starting to drag on.

Walt Disney Head: Then I'll get straight to the next part. Just let me consult my handbook. *Walt shuffles through a thick hardcover book* Ah, I've found it. Now I'm supposed to leave a cookie cutter enemy behind to be defeated by you with minimal effort. Hmmm.... Aha. I know. *Walt whips out a Pokeball and hurls it toward the gang* Mortimer I choose you!! *the Pokeball opens, releasing a large bulky figure, vaguely resembling a mouse. The creature lumbers forward a few steps forward and lifts it's snout toward the Heaven's, emitting a thunderous roar*

Rika: What's a Mortimer?

Gerudo Pimp: Let me consult my Pokedex. Hmmm, interesting. It's not listed.

Walt Disney Head: This is my greatest creation. Mortimer Mouse.

Rika: I thought you invented Micky Mouse.

Walt Disney Head: No, that was my wife's idea. She said Morty here wasn't appealing enough to children. So we made a few modifications and then, Mickey Mouse (copyright Walt Disney productions) was born.

Oddfellow: Guys, we have to get that manuscript from him.

Arkman: OK, charge!!

Mortimer steps between the charging ArkMan and Walt Disney Head and easily bats ArkMan back a few dozen feet.

Arkman: Damn, that hurt. Guess I'll have to get serious.

Arkman charges again. This time, Mortimer picks up ArkMan and flings him into the distance somewhere.

Rika: Guess that wasn't as good a plan as he thought.

Walt Disney Head: This plot is starting to suck. Mortimer, finish them quickly and return to base. *Walt Disney drifts into the plothole he arrived from and it seals behind him. Mortimer glares at the Z-crew and begins to advance towards them*

Gerudo Pimp: Umm. What now.

Oddfellow: I don't know, but I'm sure glad ArkMan's run is over. Don't tell him I said this but that story kinda stunk.

End of Chapter 3

Note: Man that was fun. Sorry if you guys don't like it but it's kinda my first fic. Later.

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