The Z-Files: Alpha to Omega - Arc 03

The Z-files was originally started by Tashi the Templar, who posted it on the discussion board quite some time ago. The stories revolve around the board's regular visitors. Since then, various people on the board have taken the challenge of writing the series chapter by chapter. The Z-files are the pride of the Discussion Board, and worthy read if you need some good insanity. CRAFT, materializing food, evil pop-culture Icons, it's all go in the Z-files world. Arc 03 demonstrates proper space procedure and nutrition.

 Chapters - This Arc is unfinished.

Chapter 1 - Farewell McEarth
Chapter 2 - In space... the parody possibilities are endless!
Chapter 3 - Shattering chase
by Aaron Hartman
by Oddfellow
by Aaron Hartman

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