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 Daily Emotion - 28/12/01

Strangely Contented

Well, it's been an interesting morning. Having finished viewing and downloading to HDD all the available MegaTokyo comics, I felt pleasingly at peace with my own life. Sure, I may be unemployed, unattractive and respected on the same level as 4-week old gym socks, but for a brief, shining moment this morning, I felt content. Not brilliant, not perfect, just contented. This doesn't mean that I'm going to sit here as long as I can just to get the occasional buzz of "Ooh, maybe I AM happy and just haven't noticed it yet!", it merely means that the buzz just hit me. The point is that although I don't feel like I'm winning the battle yet, I do feel like I'm keeping the blues at bay. I'm still job-hunting and such, and at least the chronic lack of females I've been shrouded by means that I have at least a logical excuse for being single.

What does get me down right now, though, is that I'm not in any profound way artistic. I'm talking about drawing, sketching, etc. All the really great stuff that can be conjured up with a flick of the wrist, almost semi-consciously by those who can draw. I'm exceedingly jealous of their ability to do this, as there's nothing I'd like more than to be able to sketch a person's profile, or scratch down a beautiful landscape. Hell, I'd even be content with drawing anime-styled characters for Japanese girl's comics. Okay, admittedly I can't speak Japanese either, but that's against my point. At some stage I may just have to take up drawing classes or something. Painting and charcoal and watercolour may be nice, but in my opinion there's nothing so incredible as the fine lines of a pencil, scratched over paper to create a work of art. Even when the basic body part structures can be seen it's still beautiful. *Sigh*

I left my cans of Coke back at Oxford and I don't know when I'm going back to get them. I can't afford the petrol to at the moment, but I really want some ice cold Coke. It's been sitting in the fridge for the past 4 days now and it'll be sooo cool and refreshing! ^_^ Makes me start drooling just thinking about it. I swear I'm not addicted to caffiene, I just get the shakes and become irrational, erratic and depressed without it.

Just a few days ago, my friend decided she'd like to create a webcomic, which I thought was a great idea because I love webcomics, and every time I find a good one I download all the available episodes onto my HDD. (My 'Cartoons' folder is currently at 142,565,732 bytes.) So we chatted for a while about what she'd like to do. She asked me a few questions, but having little to no experience in writing comics/plots/characters I couldn't really help her much. All I know is that she's great with a pencil, and a quill for that matter, and that she should go ahead with it because it'll give me something to download again! Stop me, I'm crazy! Anyway, if she reads this I'm sure she'll become inspired by something good. Best of luck to you! Need my help, just call me. :)

One more thing, (This is a pretty short Emotion because I don't really have a lot to vent right now.), a friend of mine recently got engaged, so I'd like everyone, even though you don't know her, to wish her luck in her life ahead, thanks.

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"I'm going to the toilet, does anyone want anything to eat or drink?" - Kevin Sandom, 1997

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