Daily Emotions Archive

This section of the site is really for no other purpose than to let me have some sort of Diary without actually having to call it a Diary, which sounds really girlie and doesn't befit would-be macho man such as myself. It's a place where I can spout off stupid thoughts that don't mean anything to anyone but myself, so I can read them and look back on what I felt like and see how far I've come. Granted, the title is "Daily" emotion, but I think you'll find it rarely gets updated that often. ;)

 Daily Emotions

5th March, 2002 - Who am I again?
28th December, 2001 - Strangely Contented
10th December, 2001 - Do I really exist?
8th December, 2001 - Estranged from life

How touching, how moving, how pathetic that I use one of these! I have a teddy-bear I can hug, all I need is him and cookie, and I should be sweet! 9_9 Hey, everyone needs to vent some opinions some time. I think I'm just more advanced at it than others. C'mon, ladies, I'm a sensitve guy here! ... Oh man! Who ever said women go for that kind of thing!

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