Southland Holiday, 2001

Let it be known that the Hildyard Family does not often get to holiday, what with Jenny and Peter both working, myself doing various jobs/courses and the other two boys either in Queenstown or Canada, so when we do get out, we generally like to make a go of it and do the tourist thing. I live in Canterbury, Southland starts about 250km South of Canterbury and pretty much occupies everything below there. Dad, Mum and I travelled the country making various stops, like Cromwell, Queenstown and Dunedin, and pandered to our senses of stupidity. Mine was to try and sprint up Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world, in Dunedin, while the rain sheeted down. I didn't run all the way up, but I did get pretty far. I also got sore legs. Family fun at it's best.

1. Tim and Peter relaxing at the first camp site with a hot Milo. 2. Jenny and Peter at Marake, standing next to the famous spherical boulders.
3. Tim contemplating whether to jump accross a glacier stream or not. He did eventually. 4. The Fox Glacier. Not as impressive as it once was, but still big and cold.
5. Tim running hard out up Baldwin Street in Dunedin, the steepest street in the world. 6. Some red and green trees that Mum thought were lovely.
7. Our second campout spot, complete with van and tent. 8. Tim in front of the Tasman Sea. It's bright, so you can't see much of the water.
9. Tim and Peter standing on the boulders at Marake. 10. Tim standing around while Peter cooks some pasta gas-stove-style.
11. Tim thinking about pushing Peter into the well at Larnach's Castle just out of Dunedin. 12. The huge cliff walls where Fox Glacier used to be. (And a tiny Tim.)

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