Mount Oxford, 2001

Finding ourselves with nothing better to do, and borderlining on complete boredom-induced lunacy, Kevin and I decided to tackle one of Oxford's tallest mountains. Why? I don't know. But we did have fun, jumping around the bush, chasing Keas, peeing "Hi" into the snow, watching the clouds, climbing the weather points and creating half-man prints in the occasional patch of snow. All in all, a fun day had, and noone died! (And if they did, we apologise, we DID throw a lot of large boulders off that cliff face.) But I'm pretty certain noone died, we'd have seen it in the papers.

1. Tim's feet and bag overlooking the Plains. 2. Tim standing by the cliff where we threw many large boulders off. Watching rocks fall is fun!
3. High atop the point station, who is that man? Why, it's Ego-Man! 4. A strange shot, taken from a strange angle with a strange camera. (It whirrs!)
5. An open path between sections of forestry, I thought it looked nice. 6. What is this? Why, it's Ego-Man's side-kick, Half Naked Crazy Boy! Go Team!
7. Kevin taking a breather on the hillside. 8. The grass was really warm and soft, so we lay down for a while and told dirty jokes.
9. Tim standing around while Kevin tries to imitate the Elephant Man. 10. A really dorky shot of two extreme dorks.
11. A Kea, one of NZ's mountain parrots, flying away from Kevin. I wonder why? 12. Take good look at this picture. Hard to imagine such well-endowed Yetis.

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