Mike and Candice's Wedding, 2001

It's true. Society has slipped downhill so far that just about ANYone can get married. But these two are different. They're cute, they're in love, and they're hitched. Unfotunately, these photos aren't in order, I just named 'em as I scanned 'em, so you'll just have to make do. There's really not a lot more to say, check out the pictures. Trés sweet! ^_^

1. The whole wedding party displayed nicely in front of the Gazebo where the ceremony took place. 2. The happy couple with family from the Haneca side.
3. The married couples' first kiss. AAIIIIEEE! So cute! 4. Mike's side of the family. Or at least the ones available in Canada at the time.
5. Mike and Candice hugging and holding the flags of Canada and New Zealand. 6. Tim, Mike and Ben, all looking smashing in their suits.
7. Candice and Mike stand on the Gazebo for photos. 8. Candice's immediate family, Leo, Bonnie, Jeremy and Conner.
9. Mike filling his trousers before the ceremony. I don't blame him. 10. The first exchange of gifts bewteen Husband and Wife.
11. Mike doing a seal impression with the garter in his teeth. 12. The wedding cake in all it's splendour. I don't like wedding cake, but it looked nice.
13. The wedding party standing on the bridge in the park. 14. Candice and Mike walk back down the aisle all married up. Yay!
15. Mike and Ben stand together at the gazebo. 16. Mike and Tim stand together at the gazebo.
17. Melanie and Tim. Melanie was one of Candice's Bridesmaids. 18. The Groom's party tries to act all feminine but messes it up really badly.
19. We thought it'd be funny if we replaced Candice with my Grandad. I think he enjoyed it. Grandad, that is. 20. Candice and Mike cutting their wedding cake.
21. Mike and Candice exchanging vows. 22. Julia and Ben. Julia is Candice's best friend and her Bridesmaid, Ben was Mike's Best Man.

For more pictures, go to Mike and Candice's website, here. Or send me some mail and tell me what you'd like to see.

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