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Welcome to The Oddessy! Oddfellow is currently doing time in Hamamatsu, Japan, working in the Kosai Suzuki plant, so updates are at best scarce and sparce. However, at current count he has about 10 weeks and 2 days until he boards a plane and kicks it back to the real world. Then maybe things will change a little for the better. - Oddfellow

 Update: 04/08/02

  • This will most likely be my last post while in Japan, as from now on, despite holidays in a weeks time, work will be all-consuming and I just won't have the time nor the energy to update. Read the short rant for more.
 The death of this layout - 04/08/02

We all strive and struggle to continue our forward paths in life, no matter what they are. Whether you're path in life is through an office block, during a plane flight, or down the aisles of a cinema, you know that you can't stop moving forward, lest you for forget how to start moving again. I know, from being on the dole then getting a steel-toed workboot convince me to get going again, that moving forward is the only way to go. That being said, a lot of times we look back upon our journey and notice things that weren't clearly visible when first we past them. We analyze our critical points, dwell on the victories and curse our disappointments. Above all, we tend to cast hefty criticism on all of our previous exploits, because we know we can do so much better now.

Which is why I have decided to scrap this site.

Through my own lack of adventure when I first wrote this site, I made it pretty usual and formal, tidy, though lacking lustre a tad. Though I was proud of it for a while, it soon became obvious to me that it was not to the best of my abilities, nor was it a credit in any way to my imagination and creativity. I am unhappy with the name, even. I spelt it in an illogical way, which I can't even remember why I did so, and let's face it, it's as trite as hell. Overall, graphics and layout have disappointed me when I look on this site. The title is far too large for it's purpose, and the pages are as syndicated as a factory job. What I was going for when I made it was a certain look of uniformity. What I did was dull it down so that every page matched. While the design worked, it just didn't work.

So I leave you now with the last post on this website. It will not die, it will just cease to exist as it is now. In future, look for a complete redesign. (I'll leave this page here as a testiment to hindsight, and to forward people to the new destination.)

Farewell "The Oddessy", we hardly knew ye.

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"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" - Daft Punk, "Discovery", Song title
 10 things I miss most about New Zealand - 09/07/02

If one were to take a real close up view of his life, there may just be little things he'd find that either shocked him, or reminded him of how lucky he should feel. My life's a little like that at the moment, I'm really glad I came over here, at least to experience Japan first-hand, and to get my work ethic up to scratch, but the more I live here, more I crave the things I haven't had in a while. I'm sure anyone visiting another country feels the same way sometimes. So here's a short list of the things I miss most about my beautiful NZ.

  • #10 - The Avon River - Sounds a strange thing to miss, I know, but regardless, lately I've been dying to go walking along it's banks, throwing overmouldy chunks of Kevin's old bread loafs at ducks and whipping the delicate flowers with willow branches. There are so many fun things to do near the Avon. I wish I had a video when Kevin fell in playing Tarzan.

  • #9 - Fish n' Chips - For obvious reasons, New Zealand's Fish n' Chips are unbeatable the world over. So greasy, so salty, so fatty and unhealthy! Mmmmm... *Drowns in a puddle of his own drool.*

  • #8 - Pak N Save Supermarkets - Some of you may be aware, but Japan is perhaps the most expensive place I have ever visited. Groceries are, on average, about 3 times what they would cost in your average New Zealand Supermarket. And Pak N Save, the holiest place for holy people to gather holy foods at holy prices to feed their holy families, is unheard of here. Where I will go for cheap foody goods over here? I do not know.

  • #7 - English - Yeah, like this one was going to be a suprise. I do miss being able to walk down the street and start a chat with someone, without having to resort to odd body-language and intricate charade maneouvers to get your message across. Well... Actually, the maneouvers aren't all bad, they do allow a strenuous physical workout that I usually wouldn't get when out shopping.

  • #6 - Hagley Park - Perhaps the most beautiful, relaxing place in all the world. Walking through the trees and the roses is one of the most stress-relieving things in the world. Plus, there's always the bonus of having brilliant tall tress to scramble up if trouble occurs, and it usually does.

  • #5 - Well Behaved Dogs - I don't know whether it's a Japanese thing, or a Japanese Dog thing or whatever, but I have yet to see single dog walk where it's owner wants it to. It will choke itself on it's lead, straining like crazy to sniff a piece of mold that is situated in the middle of the highway while it's owner dangles helplessly on the end of the leash. No dog here seems to be trained in any way. I can forgive, however, the tiny old woman who walks the enormous ridgeback outside Seiyu. (That thing pretty much drags her along where he wants to go. It's like a woman taking a guy shopping.)

  • #4 - Friday Night Youth Cafe - It's where I go every Friday I can get off, just situated in my local Baptist. It's not really the food or drink i got for, I'm usually broke, but everyone who hangs out there is usually pretty cool and I get to catch up on a lot of the Oxford gossip there. Oh, and there's always a good game of table-top coin rugby to get into.

  • #3 - My Own PC - God, I miss having my own PC!! Being able to wake up, switch on some tunes and fire up Max Payne whenever I like is just a feeling I haven't had in SOOO long! The freedom to use a computer, free of charge, any time I feel like would just be the glory days for me when I get back. At the moment, just to use the internet, I'm paying roughly $20-25 a week! I could be getting ADSL back home for less than that! Anyway, noone has their computers just the way you like to have your's. (Usually at the highest res/refresh rate and tweaked to oblivion.)

  • #2 - Family & Friends - Not much really needs to be said about this, it's pretty self-explanitory. I wanna go for walks with Kevin and Andrew, swap lateral-thinking puzzles with Joe-so-fine, beat up my father, hug my mother, roll around on the floor being attacked by my doggy, Madison, go to church with everyone I know, see a movie with mates, call up Ivan out of the blue, discuss the relative theory of 'the trots' with Kevin... Forget the last one. Some things you can't miss. In fact, that singular experience probably led this selection down a spot into no. 2. (Ooh, a pun!)

  • #1 - Burger Rings - The pinnacle of burgery goodness, the apex of corn snack achievement, the single-most tantalizing, mouth-watering, mind-numbingly delicious snack that is, Bluebird Burger Rings. There is nothing like them. If I saw a packet of them in the middle of the room right now, I would guard it with my life. And if you so much as glanced in it's direction, I would slit your throat with the first half-sharp object I got my hands on. I love them THAT much!

Well, once again, I have overcome all odds, (Ooh, another pun!) to bring you this Pulitzer-winning article on some of my favourite things. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get to the Academy to bash on the Brazillians' doors and scream that Brittany Spears does not make me feel any less homesick, even if it is sung in english.

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"Just for once I'd like to see a Japanese Schoolgirl who wasn't wearing her uniform out of school! " - Oddfellow, 2002
 Are we impressed yet? - 21/03/02

All throughout the ages, man has urged to better himself through his creations. From the basic cave drawings we find in your average Flintstone house, to the fine works of pottery from 'Pottery Barn'. Media is no different, as man strives to create the most elegant, flowing, beautiful pieces he can. It's my concern, however, that we may just be reaching the apex of our abilities. What with cinematic 3D brilliance the likes of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, it seems the only direction sequential 3D movies have gone is backwards. Case in point: Jimmy Neutron, boy genius. Let's compare the two.

FF:TSW - An absolute dream to watch, the skin, hair and textures look as real as you can get with 3D. Some minor issues of phsyics in selected areas, but overall the graphics are so good you tend to forget that you're watching an animated movie sometimes.
Jimmy Neutron - In comparison to today's 3D masterpieces, Jimmy looks like some 5 year olds teamed up with the makers of Mr. Potato Head to create the characters. There is no texturing to speak of, only smooth, plasticy looking features. Everything looks as though it has been crafted in a PlayDough Pizza Parlour.

FF:TSW - A horde of phantom-like beings threaten civilization, wiping out any life they touch. A doctor, some army guys, and a dying woman dare to go against the beings, finding out their purpose on the land and destroying evil left and right. Wheee. Sounds fairly solid, as far as fantasy sci-fi movies go.
Jimmy Neutron - Egg creatures, who wear metal suits to stop them from being just puddles, kidnap all the grown-ups in the world to sacrifice them to their chicken God. A boy genius, Jimmy, bands together with his friends to save them. First off, how the hell did these egg creatures manage to create metal suits when they're basically puddles without them in the first place? Hire-a-Hubby? And as far as boy genuises go, most of them are autistic, and by the end of the movie, you'll be wishing that Jimmy was, too. Shut your damned mouth, Jimmy!

Overall rating (Because I can't be stuffed writing anymore.)
FF: TSW - 7.5 - A bit let down to Final Fantasy followers everywhere, as they discovered FF should be kept to a games-only medium, and that no matter how good the graphics, or how many Cid's the put in, a FF is not a FF unless it has chocobos. Technologically, though, this is perhaps the pinacle of 3D animation the movie-world has seen so far.
Jimmy Neutron - 3 - I may be picky, I may not have taken into account that this is a kids' movie, but that still doesn't help the score. Kids will forever be scarred by the disproportioned characters, a storyline that would make milk curdle, and graphics equalling an 1980's Atari game. Go Jimmy.

So after bashing the crap out of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, I feel that my conclusion is that movies can only get worse from here on out. Unless, of course, some smart little blighter decided it'd be a good idea to finally make the second Matrix movie, or bring out the next Lord of the Rings movie. (Both of which could just as easily suck, but I'm not going to think about that right now.) Good night, New Zealand... and others places.

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"YES WE CAN!!!" - Kevin Sandom, 2001
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