Our Puppy, Madison, 2001

On a dark, stormy night a long time ago, there was a terrible earthquake that threatened the lives of everyone on the planet. Throughout the quake, the ground split, spewing molten lava and thick ash clouds. Out walked a small, black puppy. Bright eyed and clumsily-footed, she waltzed into our house and refused to leave, no matter how many times we yelled at her and locked her inside our huge metal cage. So in the end we let her stay and enjoy a feast of socks and underwear. Here she is... Maddy!

1. Very cute closeup of Madison looing tired on Peter's leg. 2. Maddy looking pathetic with a mangled sock under her.
3. Madison ferociously attacks Red Dog, who was obviously giving her sass. 4. Falling asleep with her head on Peter's leg. Very cute. Who can't love her?!
5. Maddy show's the Sunday Newspaper who's boss. 6. Madison sits atop a mangled sock on the staircase.

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