Last Day of 7th Form, 1999

7th Form is the final year of High School in New Zealand, now known as Year 13. It's a magical year of frantic study, camps, stressful work and late assignments. Of course, being a lazy person, I never had those hassles... Well, I touched on the 'late assignments' field pretty often, but that's about it. The last day of school was pretty good. We all got together and did stupid stuff, ate junkfood and clambered around on the Common Room/Art Room roof. We also took the liberty of painting the boring, white 7th Form room a stunning shade of "Multi-coloured handprints", which, as wonderful as it was, did not meet with the Dean's approval and we had to paint over it. (Which Joe and I were the only ones who showed up for... so we skipped it and went to watch a play.)

1. Elaine looking drowsy. (I think she was trying to look seductive.) 2. Rebecca and Rachel in the 7th Form room.
3. Natasha and Brennan in the Common room. 4. Mrs Whyte and Mrs Brown checking out what we did to the 7th Form room.
5. Kylie in front of my Art Tutorial. 6. Joe and Rachel, with Binge-Bunny being hung.
7. Holly up on the Common room roof. 8. Above shot of 7th Formers looking weird. Me crosseyed, Joe innocent, etc.
9. Rebecca, Joe, Tim, Brennan, Daniel, Kylie, Holly and Rachel in the 7th Form room. 10. Gareth against the wall of the 7th Form room, which we painted lovely colours.
11. Yani smiling in the 7th Form room.

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