Cave Stream, 2001

One day, I was given an invitation from Joe to come to Cave Stream with her, Tania, Pete, Keri, Jeremy, and a couple more people. Of course, I accepted the challenge. So we had a great day, lounging in the sun, playing volleyball with a kids' Rainbow Ball and showing off our incredible attire. Tanz and I had come prepared with fashionable polypropelene, but after it became apparent that the water wasn't really cold, and we looked like idiots, we got rid of them and just went through in top and shorts. Great fun all round!

1. Aaron, Pete, Joe and Tanz in front of the mountains. (Joe posing.) 2. Tim standing around.
3. Tim and Tanz demonstrate how NOT to dress. 4. Tanz smiling in front of the scenery.
5. Pete looking weird. 6. Hills and clouds.
7. Joe sits in front a lovely landscape. 8. Joe and Keri with their torches.
9. A group shot. Aaron, Tim, Joe, Tanz, Jeremy, Pete and Keri. 10. The mouth of Cave Stream.
11. Tim, Tanz, Joe and Pete playing volleyball.

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