My Car Crash, 1999

So there I was, minding my own business, driving Pop and few of his mates home from their party, when out of nowhere comes this corner at, like, 90. And I'm all like "What the hell?!", and the corner's all like "Yeah, you're gonna crash. Sucks, huh." And then I'm all like ploughing through all these bits of grass and tree branches, and they're like "Hey! Stop running through us!" And then it's all like air-time and stuff, and then there's this, like, tree base coming up HELL fast! And I'm like "Shit, I'm gonna die!" and the car, like, ploughs into the tree base and gets stuck on a HELL angle. We all got out of the car and we were all like "Yeah, man! Woohoo!" and Tim (Other Tim) was all like "Oh, man. I flew into the windshield." and we were all like "I thought you were dead and shit." Anyway, Dad came and got us and in the morning I told Holly, who I was going out with at the time, and she was all like couldn't believe it and stuff. It was cool.

1. The Sentra in the trees and a Truck beside it. 2. Tim looking proud of his incredible vertical park last night.
3. The Sentra on the ground with a munched up front. 4. The Sentra in the trees with it's door open.
5. Ben looks at the car in the trees. Probably wondering how I did it so well. 6. An above shot of the car in the trees from the bank I flew off.
7. Marks on the road and grass where I went off the road.

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