Assorted Photos

Anything that I can't be bothered categorizing, or anything that, quite frankly, can't be categorized goes in here. Pictures of my family and my friends frequent this gallery, and most of them are strange and scary... Both the pictures and the people involved. Enjoy!

1. Tim and Gareth doing a strange dance called the "Spastic Boogaloo" 2. Peter and Tim hooning about on a BMX like Pros.
3. A group of folks at Eric Heallee's 21st. 4. 1998's 7th Formers have a Teddy Bears Picnic.
5. Ivan, Colleen, Naphtali and Tim in "Melodious Strains", our quartet. 6. Ivan, Tim, Colleen and Naphtali at Ivan's 18th party.
7. Lawrence McIsaac telling Ivan a tall tale, probably about fishing. 8. The Men in the McIsaac family. What a rugged, ghoulish, ghastly lot!
9. Ivan and Gareth find another way to torment their poor Mother, Jeanette. 10. Tina with her little lamb. Does it have three bags full of wool? I doubt it.
11. Spud, the Affection-Nazi ponders why Bill has a cat on his shoulder. 12. Three strange positions, each with equally strange stories behind them.
13. Ivan and Kevin strike a pose beside the fabled Alto. 14. Kevin, in what can only be assumed as his Natural Habitat. Ooh Ooh Ooh!
15. Me having a spaz moment amongst some severed branches alongside the Avon. Crazy. 16. Just a normal picture, taken on a normal day, in front of a normal garden.

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